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At public festivals and events we will provide a book of designs to choose from.  Prices of designs will be listed in the book with rates determined by the size and intricacy of each design.  Due to the crowds at public events, the design choices will be limited to those that can be completed in a timely manner.  Larger, more detailed and time consuming designs are reserved for private appointments outside of the event.


Do you have a design idea that is not in the book?  Then tell our artist and he or she may be able to create an original design for you.  Keep in mind, however, that all original designs are the express and exclusive property of the designing artist.  You are only paying for the service of design application, not for the rights to the individual design.



While Face-Painting is available to all ages, henna is reserved for individuals over the age of 8 years old.  HOWEVER, as an alternative, we can apply the design to an "under 8-er" with either face paint or glitter tattoo technique...which are fun options for customers of all ages.






Private appointments are available at the artists discretion.  The artist reserves the right to schedule private bookings in a manner and location that meets their personal safety requirement and may result in an accompanying "Chaperone" for the sake of safety, modesty, and/or propriety.


Individual appointments are booked at a minimum of $30.00 for a 1/2 hour session.  Any session lasting over 1/2 an hour will be charged a minimum of $60.00  for up to one hour with $1.00 per minute being charged for any time after the initial 60 minutes.  Please be advised that your session begins the minute the artist arrives at the agreed upon location to provide service.  It is recommended that you either arrange for a complimentary 10 minute consultation  either in person or by phone a few days prior to your appointment to discuss design selection or creation of an original design.  Individual Appointments are scheduled to facilitate larger and more intricate designs and are intended for only one person.






1.  Group appointments/parties begin at $60.00 per hour with a minimum two hour booking fee of $120.00 for groups over 10.  Designs for group events will be smaller and less intricate as more people participate.    All parties and events will require a pre-paid booking fee of 50% at the time of booking.  The appointment will not be scheduled until the deposit has been paid.  Your paid deposit will be applied to the total charge, but is non-refundable in the event of cancellation.  Should you need to cancel your booking, if you reschedule within 30 days, you may apply your deposit towards the rescheduled date.  YOU MAY ONLY TRANSFER YOUR DEPOSIT TO ANOTHER DATE ONCE!  If you cancel or reschedule a second time, your will lose your initial deposit and must remit a new deposit to reserve your appointment.


2.  You may, as an alternative, choose to pay a $50 booking fee and have your guests pay individually per design for parties of more than five guests. but less than 10.   For this rate, the artist may only be available for one hour.  Should the artist provide a design for each of the participating guests willing to pay, he or she has the option to leave the event prior to the completion of that hour.  Should the artist be required by the host to remain past the initial hour, an additional $60.00 will be required per hour.




 For private bookings and/or Group Bookings and Parties requiring the artist to travel over 60 miles, mileage of 50 cents per mile will be added to the booking rate.



 ALL henna and face painting includes a light dusting of our stock glitter to enhance the design.  A sealant for Henna may be applied prior to glitter at no additional charge.  More intricate gilding and ornamentation are available at the following rates: (all rates based on intricacy and time it takes to add to your design and cost of materials)



 This technique of tinted ornamental gel application to your henna design was developed by Samantha Robb in 2011.  The gels are applied with a brush inside the perimeter of the henna lines and most resembles stained glass.  This application may remain on the skin for up to or longer than 24 hours depending on skin condition, body chemistry and exposure to water.  Stained glass application is charged at $5.00 for a small design, $10.00 for medium designs and $20.00 or more for larger, more intricate designs. A light dusting of stock glitter is included.



 This traditional technique requires the careful and delicate application of cosmetic grade tinted glitter to the top of the paste line of your henna.  The glitter will fall off as your henna paste falls off, but until then , the look is amazing!  Application rates begin at $5.00 and increase based on number of colors and amount of application required.



 A combination of both Stained Glass and Bridal gilding resulting in an eye popping, ornate augmentation to your design that is perfect for formal events, proms and weddings.  Application rates begin at $10.00 and increase based on number of colors and amount of application required.



 A technique in which temporary tattoo ink is carefully combined with shimmer powders and applied to the skin between the henna lines.  This technique results in a vibrant, shimmering design that will last for well after the henna paste has flaked off and will greatly augment the stain for days.  Application rates begin at $20.00 and increase based on number of colors and amount of application required