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Samantha Robb

Artist (Henna, Face/Body Art, Temporary Tattoo, Fine Art),  Performer, Mentor, Educator, Site Moderator








 Deanna Joy Stephens

Artist, Performer, Mentor, Educator, Organic Jeweler, Volunteer, Conservationist, Gardener, &"Doterra Therapeutic Oils" Distributor

   Heather Woodman

Artist, Photographer, Pop-Art Painted Shoes, Jewelry, Woodburning, Painting, etc.



Jennifer Manning CinoccoJennifer Manning Cinocco

Artist, Fashion Design, Jeweler, Crafter, Historic Costumer, Up-cycle Fashionista



Body art has been around for a long, long time.  Since the era of the ancients, humans have expressed their creativity, spirit, tribal affiliations and culture through visible designs on face and body-both as permanent markings  AND temporary art.


Artistic Temperament Designs continues the tradition of TEMPORARY body adornment.  As we like to say, it's All the Fun of a Tattoo-No Needles, No Commitment!  (If you want a permanant tattoo, we can recommend some very reputable and nice people in our area...just ask)


Our Artists help each client experience a unique style and design through Theatrical Grade Body Makeup/Paints and All Natural Henna Paste that allows them to express their individual personality and spirit.  While we have many standard designs to choose from, it's ALWAYS a better value to let us "Free-Style" as you tend to get a more intricate and detailed design for what you've already paid.

We love for you to share your design concepts and suggestions and are happy to either incorporate them into an existing design OR create a unique design just for you!



We strive to use the best possible cosmetic paints available and all natural ingredients in our henna products.  We strive to provide safe and healthy products and techniques while providing you and your guests with an entertaining and exciting experience.

Products used may include:

Mehron Paradise AQ Water Activated Theatrical Grade Face Paints and cosmetic grade glitter.

Cosmetic gel and pigments for Stained Glass Gilding

Temporary Tattoo pigments and cosmetic shimmer powder for Special Gilding

Henna paste may include:

Imported Raj, Jamilla, and Artistic Organic Henna Powders

Lemon Juice


Therapeutic grade Lavender, Cajeput, Eucolyptus, Tea Tree, Niaouli, Rosewood, Sandalwood and or Myrhh Essential Oils as well as Lemongrass, Sweet Orange, Coconut Lime Verbena, or Asian Spice perfume grade oils for scent


•WE DO NOT USE CRAFT PAINT ON SKIN!!!! Only Theatrical Grade Makeup by companies such as Mehron, Chameleon, Diamond FX, etc...are used in our designs!

 •REMOVAL:  Warm Wet Cloth & Gentle Soap or Shampoo.  Makeup Remover for stubborn spots. DO NOT SCRUB.  Facial moisturizer applied and left on for 30 min. can be helpful in those rare cases where the makeup remover didn’t do the trick


 Let paste dry thoroughly!  Allow dried henna to flake off naturally.  HENNA LOVES HEAT! Activity, sunshine, hot & humid weather, and STEAM can help create a deeper, darker stain.

 •Avoid water on the area for the first 24 hours after application.  Water may interfere with the staining process.


 •Moisturize your stain with a plant based oil and it will last longer.  AVOID EXFOLIANTS & BRIGHTENERS! They will cause your stain to fade sooner!•With proper care, your stain should last 5-21 days


•HENNA IS NOT BLACK!  Black Henna contains harsh chemicals that can burn and scar!  Only PURE NATURAL Henna and natural, safe products are in Artistic Temperament Designs Henna Paste!